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Colorectal cell lines

ColonColon cancer, also known as colorectal or large bowel cancer is the third most common cancer in the Western world (preceded only by breast and lung cancer by numbers of incidence). Over 60 cell lines derived from colorectal cancers are available from ECACC (see list below).

The colorectal cell lines listed are derived from tumours at various levels of differentiation and stages of development.

One of the relatively recent additions to the colorectal collection is the human colon cancer cell line, HCA-7 Colony 29, which expresses Cox-2. An interesting feature of this cell line is that it forms polarised epithelial sheets allowing examination of the trafficking and release of biomolecules in vitro.

Cyclooxygenases (COXs) are key enzymes in the conversion of arachidonic acid to prostaglandins and other eicosanoids. It has been found that colonic polyps and cancers overexpress Cox-2 and that the inhibition of this enzyme by nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs decreases the risk of colonic neoplasia. The cell line HCA-7 Colony 29 is useful for studying the role of Cox-2 in cancer cell biology and the investigation of colorectal epithelial cell polarity.


The list below shows the colorectal cell lines available from the ECACC General Cell Collection.

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ECACC General Cell Collection
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Catalogue No. Cell Line Name Keywords
95090715 GP5d Human Caucasian colon adenocarcinoma
99011801 MDST8 Human colon carcinoma
07031601 HCA-46 Human colon adenocarcinoma
06061903 HCA-24 Human colon adenocarcinoma
06061901 HCA-2 Human sigmoid colon adenocarcinoma
06061902 HCA-7 Human colon adenocarcinoma
02091238 HCA-7 Colony 29 Human Colon Carcinoma (subpopulation isolated from the HCA-7 cell line)
92012401 HT29 gluc C1 Human Caucasian colon adenocarcinoma
85061104 HT115 Human colon carcinoma
85061105 HT55 Human colon carcinoma
85061109 HT29/219 Human Caucasian colon carcinoma
85111501 WiDr Human colon adenocarcinoma
86010202 CACO-2 Human Caucasian colon adenocarcinoma
87021202 LS180 Human Caucasian colon adenocarcinoma
87051203 SW 620 Human Caucasian colon adenocarcinoma
87060101 LoVo Human colon adenocarcinoma
87060401 LS174T Human Caucasian colon adenocarcinoma
87061205 COLO 320DM Human Caucasian colon adenocarcinoma
87061208 COLO 205 Human Caucasian colon adenocarcinoma
87071006 SW 1116 Human Caucasian colon adenocarcinoma


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