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An area of regulatory concern in the biopharmaceutical production industry is the use of animal derived products during production processes. One of the sources of this problem is the presence of animal derived components in the media (e.g. serum and growth factors) used to grow cell lines which produce the required product.

For years media manufacturers have produced media designed to support the growth of cell lines without the addition of serum and more recently in completely animal component-free/chemically defined media (Sigma-Aldrich) even to the extent of being peptide-free (Cell Culture Technologies). The lengthy adaptation process before such a media can be incorporated in a production process along with the unreliability of the early serum-free media have often been a barrier to change. For this reason and due to customer demand ECACC has been working with media suppliers to provide a range of common cell lines which have already been adapted to growth in serum and protein free media.

In addition to the regulatory concerns mentioned above removal of serum from cell culture offers many other advantages such as:

  • Reduced process variability
  • Removal of ill defined raw materials
  • Removal of serum sourcing issues
  • Reduced risk of allergic response in end product
  • Produces a more reproducible system for studies into differentiation, regulation and proliferation
  • Aids downstream processing of product

The table below lists cell lines currently available from ECACC adapted to growth in serum/protein free medium.

ECACC General Cell Collection
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Catalogue No. Cell Line Name Keywords
06020202 NS0-Turbodoma Mouse myeloma, serum-free, without cholesterol
03061601 NS0-Serum-Free Mouse myeloma, serum-free
00102307 CHO (PROTEIN FREE) Chinese hamster ovary
02050101 MDCK-Protein Free Canine Cocker Spaniel kidney
03092503 Vero-Hektor African Green Monkey kidney cells, serum-free
87032401 L-M Mouse C34/An connective tissue
03092501 Sp2/0-Ag14-TurboDoma Mouse x Mouse hybridoma, non-producing, serum-free
03092502 P3X63Ag8.653-TurboDoma Mouse BALB/c myeloma, serum-free
04092902 COS-1-InVitrus Monkey African green kidney, SV40 transformed, serum-free
05062302 BHK21-InVitrus Hamster Syrian kidney, serum-free
05063001 COS-7-InVitrus Monkey African green kidney, SV40 transformed, serum-free
05011003 293 GTP-AC-free Human Embryo Kidney, serum-free
05011001 Sf9 TiterHigh AC free Spodoptera frugiperda pupal ovarian tissue, serum-free
05030202 Sf21 TiterHigh AC free Spodoptera frugiperda pupal ovarian tissue, serum-free
05011002 CHO/dhFr-AC-free Hamster Chinese Ovary, serum-free
05062301 BHK21-Hektor Hamster Syrian kidney, serum-free
10021102 Bob Human prostate cancer spontaneously immortalized, serum-free
07052901 PNT1A (SERUM FREE) Human post pubertal normal, immortalised with SV40, serum-free
07042701 PNT2 (SERUM FREE) Human prostate normal, serum-free
08060101 Sp2/0-Ag14 (serum-free) Mouse x mouse hybridoma non-secreting, serum-free, animal component (AC) free

ECACC Hybridoma Collection
One item found.
Cell Line Name Catalogue No. Reactivity Antibody Isotype
HyGPD-YK-1-1 92120704 Anti- muscle glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase, rabbit IgG2b


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