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Cell Line Name Catalogue No. Reactivity Antibody Isotype Price
07-4D 91121239 Anti- desmocollins, bovine IgG Price
10(AAT) Clone A 02043015 Anti- alpha1-antitrypsin (also known as alpha1-AT or AAT) IgG1 Price
111A3 85062504 Non Ig secreting Antibody not secreted Price
11- 89050905 Anti- I-Ak IgG2b Price
11-5F 91121236 Anti- desmoplakins IgG1 Price
13C4 95032701 Anti- Shigella-like toxin I (SLTI) IgG1 Price
16-23 99043001 Anti- HLA-DR3 and DR52a IgG3 Price
17D 91060551 Anti- CD4, ovine IgG1 Price
1B8-F11 95022202 Anti- bovine herpes virus 1 IgG1 Price
1D10(AAT) Clone 8D10 02043018 Anti- alpha1-antitrypsin (also known as alpha1-AT or AAT) IgG1 Price
1E7(GC) Clone B 02043020 Anti- group specific component (GC) IgG1, IgGM Price
20.27 (SBU-T6, anti-CD1) 93070779 Anti- CD1, sheep and cattle IgG1 Price
20.76 93100510 Anti- leukocyte molecules of 35kDa, sheep IgG1 Price
2-179-E11 92030602 Anti- TNF alpha, human IgG1 Price
25-32 91060546 Anti- CD44, ovine IgG1 Price
2A2(PGM1) Clone A6 02043024 Anti- phosphoglucomutase-1 (PGM1) IgG1 Price
2D12 91051509 Anti- yellow fever virus IgG2a, kappa Price
2G2B(AAT) Clone 4D4 02043016 Anti- alpha1-antitrypsin (also known as alpha1-AT or AAT) IgG2b Price
2H6-C2 95022203 Anti- bovine herpes virus 1 (BHV-1) IgG2b Price
3.C2 92092320 Anti- myelin, fish IgG1, kappa Price
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